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Mini-Mega Ramp Results / – Zurich

Rony Gomes and Adam Taylor making the podium at the in Zurick

1-Pierre Luc Gagnon

2-Rony Gomes

3-Adam Taylor

4-Eliot Sloan

13th Annual Tim Brauch Contest – San Jose, CA

  1. Congrats to Josh Rodrigues for taking 1st place at the TMB Memorial 2011.


Pro Results:

  1. Josh Rodrigues  Type-S
  2. Josh Mattson
  3. Sky Siljeg

Master Results:

  1. Steve Canballero
  2. Christian Hosoi  Type-S
  3. Pat Nogho

Bucky Lasek’s VIP Access to the Dew Tour

“I take you on an all VIP guide as an Athlete thru the Dew Tour on the day of my skateboard vert final.”

Tony Hawk is in the House

“The moment you’ve been waiting for, my signature Type-S Wheel has rolled out (get it?) in 56 & 60mm.Go fast! (by T.Hawk)

Dew Tour Toyota Challenge – Salt Lake City, UT

“I just fell short on one last trick before I was going to bring my last tricks,” Lasek said. “My last three tricks were going to be all new and more technical. I was going to do a frontside nollie flip stalefish 360, but I fell two walls before I was going to get a chance to do it.” Full Story and Results @

Bastien Salabanzi on the Podium at the MMC 2011 – Washington, DC

Congratulations for his 3rd place at the Maloof Money Cup 2011