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Tom Schaar First Ever 1080

First ever 1080 landed by 12-year old team rider Tom Schaar-Congrats kid!

Bucky’s Magic Carpet

Smooth Style + Lots of Skills + Killer Bowl + Smooth Wheels = Bucky Lasek

Tony’s Crew – Ride Channel

In Episode 5 Tony and the Crew Skate the Sonic Generations Contest in Venice Beach where amazing skateboarding goes back to it’s roots. Featuring team riders Mitchie Brusco, Adam Taylor, Sergie Ventura, Sandro Dias, Lincoln Ueda and the birdman himself, Mr.Tony Hawk.

Invade Bucky Lasek’s Backyard | Invasion of Privacy Clip | AWSM on Allisports

This is a segment from Episode 8 of Todd Richards’ AWSM on Alli. Enjoy!

2012 Florida Bowl Riders Results

Thanks to Kona Skatepark, Martin Ramos and all team riders for making it happen.
Congratulations to Pedro Barros, Alex Sorgente and Marshall LaFrance for their winning.


1 Pedro Barros Type-S
2 Benji Galloway
3 Dalton Dern
4 Kevin Kowalski
5 Jimmy Marcus
6 Daniel Cuervo
7 Keith Baldassaree Type-S
8 Steven Workman

1 Benji Galloway
2 Dalton Dern
3 Kevin Kowalski
4 Mike Peterson
5 Keith Baldassaree Type-S
6 Pedro Barros Type-S
7 Steve Workman
8 Daniel Cuervo

Open Amateur

1 Marshall LaFrance Type-S
2 Clay Kreiner Type-S
3 Chris Russel
4 Alex Sorgente Type-S
5 Brandon Yarborough
6 Kaden Campbell
7 Cason Kirk Type-S
8 Dane Quintal
9 Collin Graham Type-S
10 Spencer Lau

1 Alex Sorgente Type-S
2 Chris Russel
3 Marshall LaFrance Type-S
4 Kaden Campbell
5 Cason Kirk Type-S
6 Dane Quintal
7 Spencer Lau
8 Aidan Dansay
9 Clay Kreiner Type-S
10 Pat Brown

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Allisports – Best of Vans Bondi Bowl-A-Rama 2012

Check out some highlights from the event featuring Pedro Barros, Bucky Lasek, Nicky Guerrero,
Otavio Neto, Josh Rodrigues, Juergen Horrwarth and many more.