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Jart Skateboards – Bastien Salabanzi Street League Interview

“Interview with Bastien Salabanzi before the Street League – Stop # 1, Kansas City.” by

BUCKY Talks Rally Car + Pro-tec Pool Party | Inside Alli Sports

“Bucky Lasek is in the studio this week to talk business — you know, skateboarding and rally car racing. Bucky loves racing cars as much as he does skating, and he tells us what it’s like for a “skateboarder” to land a spot as one of only three drivers for the Subaru Puma Rallycross Team. Plus, the Pro-Tec Pool Party’s gathering of the greats gets recapped with on-location interviews and clips from the party. Inside Alli Sports takes you inside skate for a recap of the week in the world of skate.” by

Rony Gomes on the cover of the brazilian mag 100% Skate

Backside Boardslide – Good Job Rony … Congrats !!!

Tony Hawk and Friends at Badlands Bash 2012

For those asking “you ever skate with Cab/Lance/McGill anymore?”
The answer is yes, as recently as Sat. Here’s proof:” by T.Hawk

Australian am team rider Blake Harris grinding for Orion Trucks

‘Australian ripper, Blake Harris, comes through in this clip for Orion trucks. This kid skates fast and doesn’t fuck around. I’m sure we’ll be seeing plenty more of him soon.’ by

Bastien Salabanzi Finishes in 2nd @ Street League-Stop#1


Congratulations Bastien! Great skating throughout the day. Street League 2012 stop # 1 – Kansas City, MO.