Allisports – Dew Tour, Ocean City, MD

Congratulations to Christian Hosoi, Bucky Lasek, Sandro Dias, Pedro Barros and Tom Schaar for making it to the podium at the Pantech Beach Championships/Dew Tour.
Thanks to all Type-S team riders for the awesome weekend – Skateboarding rules!

Bowl – Legend Results:
1-Chris Miller
2-Christina Hosoi Type-S
3-Steve Caballero
4-Lance Mountain
5-Tony Magnusson
6-Pat Ngoho

Vert – Final Results:
1-Pierre Luc Gagnon
2-Bucky Lasek Type-S
3-Sandro Dias Type-S
4-Andy Macdonald
5-Bob Burnquist
6-Mitchie Brusco Type-S
7-Tom Schaar Type-S
8-Rony Gomes Type-S
9-Josh Stafford
10-Alex Perelson

Pro Bowl Results:
1-Pedro Barros Type-S
2-Bucky Lasek Type-S
3-Ben Hatchell
4-Sandro Dias Type-S
5-Tom Schaar Type-S
6-Alex Sorgente Type-S
7-Andy Macdonald
8-Josh Rodrigues Type-S
9-Kalani David Type-S
10-Zach Miller

Mega 2.0 Results:
1-Tom Schaar Type-S
2-Eliot Sloan
3-Bob Burnquist
4-Mitchie Brusco Type-S
5-Pierre Luc Gagnon
6-Adam Taylor Type-S
7-Rony Gomes Type-S
8-Andy Macdonald
9-Jagger Eaton
10-Edgard Pereira”vovo” Type-S

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