Rocky Mountain Rampage / Colorado Springs,CO

Congratulations to Josh Rodrigues for winning the Pro Bowl comp. Jonathan Schwan for taking 1st place on Vert and Lyn-Z Adams Hawkins Pastrana for finishing second in the Ladies Vert competition.
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Pro Bowl Results:
1 Joshua Rodrigues Type-S
2 Tony Marle
3 Michael Brookman
4 Derek Scott
5 Bryce Stark
6 Mike Owen Type-S
7 Sky Siljeg
8 Jonathan Schwan Type-S
9 Zachary Rose
10 Vincent Matheron

Ladies Bowl
1 Lizzie Armanto
2 Allysha Bergado
3 Lyn-z Pastrana Type-S
4 Justyce Tabor
5 Amelia Brodka

Mens Vert
1 Jonathan Schwan Type-S
2 Zachary Rose
3 Marcelo Bastos
4 Joshua Rodrigues Type-S
5 Michael Brookman
6 Mike Owen Type-S

Ladies Vert
1 Lizzie Armanto
2 Lyn-z Adams Hawkins Pastrana Type-S
3 Allysha Bergado
4 Amelia Brodka
5 Nicole Noller

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