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Pedro Barros Charging the Mega Ramp

Pedro Barros having some fun and charging the mega ramp – G-Shock commercial

Bastien Salabanzi – Championship Rookie Recap

“Street League presents the Rookie Recap from the 2012 Championship. Bastien Salabanzi was the only Street League Rookie to qualify for the Championship. Take a look into some behind the scenes preparation and also Bastien’s thoughts on the Championship and his first year in Street League.” by SLS

4th Annual Tim Brauch Memorial Skate Contest – Results

Congrats to Josh Rodriguez for taking 2nd place in the pro division and Christian Hosoi for his 4th place in the masters event.

Pro Results:

1.Michael Brookman
2.Josh Rodriquez Type-S
3.Sky Siljeg
4.Chris Russell
5.Daniel Curevo

Masters Results

1.Steve Caballero
2.Mike McGill
3.Eddie Elguera
4.Christian Hosoi Type-S
5.Mark Partain

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Lincoln Ueda Catching Up on MegaRamp Skating @ Alli Sports

“Lincoln Ueda knows how to get air on anything, especially the MegaRamp. Ueda has been recognized for his abilities on the vert ramp for sometime and when it comes to the MegaRamp he pushes himself just as hard to air higher than the rest. Check in with Lincoln Ueda and hear his thoughts on skating MegaRamp and what not to do in between huge airs in this Catching Up.” by allisports

Adam Taylor wins Sony Big Air Triples POV Competition

“Adam Taylor took part in the unveiling of the new SONY POV (Point of View) Action Camera at the SONY Big Air ASA Triples event at Venice Beach, California yesterday and skated away with the best footage and $5,000.”

by allisports

Mitchie Brusco Mega Ramp Board Setup by Allisports

“Mitchie Brusco is only 15 years of age but his tricks on the MegaRamp earn him podium positions with men of all age. With an 8.25 Almost pro model bolted down to indy 215s with Type S Wheels and stickers galore. What realy sets Mitchie’s setup apart from others is his paint pen markings of three lines on the nose of his grip. Check out Mitchie on the podium and see his complete in this Setup.” by allisports