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How To Nollie Bigspin Backside Disaster with Tyler Hendley / RIDEchannel

“Learn a new trick each and every day from top pros. You’ll get step-by-step instructions on how to master every trick in skateboarding! Tune in seven days a week to learn something new.” by RIDEchannel

Pedro Barros Wins Vans Bowl-A-Rama in NYC

The inaugural Vans BOWL-A-RAMA NYC has been run and won! Pedro Barros continued his winning streak and has now won all three BOWL-A-RAMA events in 2012!

Pro Results:
1.Pedro Barros Type-S
2.Alex Sorgente Type-S
3.Ben Hatchell
4.Kevin Kowalski
5.Mike Owen Type-S
6.Andy Macdonald
7.Joshua Rodriquez Type-S
8.Sky Siljeg
9.Steve Pineiro
10.Rune Gilfberg

Master Results:
1.Lance Mountain
2.Steve Caballero
3.Eddie Elguera
4.Christian Hosoi Type-S
5.Mike McGill
6.Chris Miller
7.Pat Ngoho
8.Tony Mag
9.Nicky Guerrero Type-S
10.Aaron Astorga


Bucky Lasek / A Legend in the making

“Bucky Lasek grew up on the East Coast in the Free State, Maryland, with big talent and great ambitions. Today Bucky is one of the world’s best professional transition skaters, a professional RallyCar driver but above all a father and husband. With so much going on in his twice over professional life, and personal, Bucky always keeps his cool while pushing his limits.” by allisports

Pedro Barros in Portugal with Thrasher Mag.

Pedro got together with some amazing skaters like Grant Taylor and Peter Hewitt for some wild skating in Portugal.”Sleeping in the bushes, 105 everyday, cold rivers, Atlantic ocean, epic spots, castles, van overheating, epic food, and great hosts…” by Thrasher Magazine

Australian Team rider Corbin Harris / Vans BOWL-A-RAMA NYC 2012 – Roll In #1

Corbin Harris hit the streets of NYC in preparation for the first ever Vans Bowl-a-Rama in New York City!