Pedro Barros Wins Vans Bowl-A-Rama in NYC

The inaugural Vans BOWL-A-RAMA NYC has been run and won! Pedro Barros continued his winning streak and has now won all three BOWL-A-RAMA events in 2012!

Pro Results:
1.Pedro Barros Type-S
2.Alex Sorgente Type-S
3.Ben Hatchell
4.Kevin Kowalski
5.Mike Owen Type-S
6.Andy Macdonald
7.Joshua Rodriquez Type-S
8.Sky Siljeg
9.Steve Pineiro
10.Rune Gilfberg

Master Results:
1.Lance Mountain
2.Steve Caballero
3.Eddie Elguera
4.Christian Hosoi Type-S
5.Mike McGill
6.Chris Miller
7.Pat Ngoho
8.Tony Mag
9.Nicky Guerrero Type-S
10.Aaron Astorga


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