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Pedro Barros – Check in from Florianopolis / Thrasher Magazine Web.


“Check out these photos from the RTMF No1 Florianopolis contest at the HiAdventure Pousada pool, Pedro’s vert ramp, and his newly redone pool.” by Thrasher Magazine

Skateboarder’s Journal Issue #3

Christian and Lincoln will be featured in the new Skateboarder’s JournalHosoiSkateboarder'sJournal

HOSOI: My Life as a Skateboarder Junkie, Inmate, Pastor. Excerpts From The Book.
Introduction by David Hackett – Q&A. with Barb Odanaka
Lincoln Ueda – Words and Photos by Dan Bourqui

Tyler Hendley and Friends

Cool video with Tyler Hendley and some friends, by Daniel Vargas

Bucky’s new trick? What?

No Comply? No Handed Boneless? Click here to find out!

OG Team rider Rodolfo Ramos with some mini-ramp action

Rodolfo Ramos”Gugu”has been spending some time in Brazil skating everything that gets in his way.

Pedro’s FS Smith Grind in Slow Motion

Pedro Barros in slow motion / FS Smith grind at 5 Dock – Filmed by Andrew Buckley on Vimeo.