Josh Rodriguez Wins the Vans Bowl-A-Rama 2013 in Wellington, New Zealand

Congratulations to Josh Rodriguez for winning the Vans Bowl-A-Rama in Wellington, New Zealand. Also great skating from (2nd)Pedro Barros and (3rd)Alex Sorgente. The Type-S trio skated amazing throughout the day. In the master division Sergie Ventura took home 2nd place with some consistent runs, he also was on the mic all day long, good job! Thank you to all Type-S riders and all the skaters for such an amazing event. Next stop Bondi Beach, Australia ….

Pro Results:
1-Josh Rodriguez Type-S
2-Pedro Barros Type-S
3-Alex Sorgente Type-S
4-Kevin Kowalski
5-Kalani David
6-Sky Siljeg
7-Felipe Foguinho
8-Ben Hatchel
9-Mike Owen Type-S
10-Jack Fardel

Masters Results:
1-Steve Caballero
2-Sergie Ventura Type-S
3-Pat Ngoho
4-Lester Kasai Type-S
5-Sean Golf
6-Sasha Steinhorst
7-Steve Crump
8-George Orton
9-Mike Rogers

Photos by David Read
More info at Bowl-A-Rama Official

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