Amateur Vans Combi Pool 2013

Great skating from all the am team riders during the Vans amateur contest at Combi Pool in Orange, CA.

Final Results:

14 & under:
1-Cory Juneau
2-Toby Gummeson Type-S
3-Braden Stelma Type-S
4-Morgan Wolf
5-Kiko Francisco Type-S
6-C J Collins Type-S

15 & over
1-Tristan Rennie
2-Collin Graham Type-S
3-Cory Juneau
4-Clay Kreiner Type-S
5-Justin Rivera Type-S
6-Aidan Dansey

More info

Collin Graham / Photo by Dan Bourqui

C J Collins / Photo by Dan Bourqui

Kiko / Photo by Dan Bourqui

Justin Rivera / Photo by Dan Bourqui

Toby Gummeson / Photo by dan Bourqui

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