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CJ Collins rips!

Little ripper C J Collins



We know it’s not Tuesday 25th but Mr.Lasek was featured in this cool article at the

Mitchie Brusco with some Mini-Mega Action

“Don’t Sleep on the Vert Guy” by

Almost Skateboards


2013 Tim Brauch Memorial


Type-S Team just had another great weekend at the WCS Tim Brauch Memorial up in San Jose, CA. Congratulations Alex Sorgente for the win and Josh Rodriguez for his 2nd place in the Pro Division. Also great skating from Kiko Francisco taking home 1st place and C.J. Collins taking 3rd place in the 14 and under event and last but not least Lester Kasai took the 3rd spot (Master Division).

1 Alex Sorgente Type-S
2 Josh Rodriguez Type-S
3 Austin Poynter
4 Cory Juneau
5 Josh Mattson
6 Jono Schwan Type-S

1 Steve Caballero
2 Brian Patch
3 Lester Kasai Type-S
4 Jed Fuller
5 Jeff Hedges
6 Richard Sanchez

AM 15 & over
1 Tristan Rennie
2 Jeromy Green
3 Chris Henderson
4 Justin Rivera Type-S
5 Archer Braun

AM 14 & under
1 Kiko Francisco Type-S
2 Evan Wasser
3 CJ Collins Type-S
4 Trent Bowman
5 Seth Sanders
6 Griffin Chase

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Rock Mountain Rampage Results

Type-S team sweeping the podium at the WCS Rock Mountain Rampage held in Colorado.

Men’s Pro Bowl Results
1 Joshua Rodriguez Type-S
2 Jonathan Schwan Type-S
3 Alex Sorgente Type-S
4 Cory Juneau
5 Heimana Reynolds Type-S
6 Derek Scott

15 & Over Bowl Results
1 Clay Kreiner Type-S
2 Justin Rivera Type-S
3 Austin Creasman
4 Archer Braun
5 Shea Donovan
6 Toby Gummeson Type-S

Men’s Pro Vert Results
1 Jonathan Schwan Type-S
2 Ronaldo Gomes Type-S
3 Alex Sorgente Type-S
4 Cory Juneau
5 Heimana Reynolds Type-S
6 Zachary Rose

15 & over Vert Am’s
1 Clay Kreiner Type-S
2 Derek Scott
3 Toby Gummeson Type-S
4 Justin Rivera Type-S
5 David Palazzese
6 Austin Creasman

15 & over Street Am’s
1 TJ Vanauken
2 Jordan Rommel
3 Heimana Reynolds Type-S
4 Trevas Kessack
5 Travis Reid

For complete results click here

X Games Los Angeles, CA

Bucky Lasek wins his fourth straight Skateboard Vert gold at X Games Los Angeles 2013 and the prodigy Tom Schaar wins SKB Big Air Silver Medal.
Congrats you guys!

Vert Results:
1 Bucky Lasek Type-S
2 Pierre-Luc Gagnon
3 Andy Macdonald
4 Marcelo Bastos
5 Rony Gomes Type-S
6 Sandro Dias Type-S
7 Paul-Luc Ronchetti
8 Sam Beckett
9 Alex Perelson
10 Tom Schaar Type-S

Big Air Results:
1 Eliot Sloan
2 Tom Schaar Type-S
3 Bob Burnquist
4 Jagger Eaton
5 Edgard Pereira Type-S
6 Nolan Munroe
7 Jake Brown
8 Mitchie Brusco Type-S