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Bowl-A-Rama Wellington, NZ – Roll IN 1 with Pedro Barros and Lester Kasai


Roll IN – Episode #1 featuring Pedro Barros #RTMF crew and Lester Kasai.

Pedro Barros wins the World Cup Bowl Jam in Brazil


Congrats to Pedro, Alex Sorgente and Josh Rodriguez for making the podium in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Final results:
1-Pedro Barros Type-S
2-Alex Sorgente Type-S
3-Josh Rodrigues Type-S
4-Rune Glifberg
5-Murilo Peres

Legends Christian Hosoi, T.Hawk, Cab, Elguera and T.Alva talking about the Brazil skate scene and skaters.

Legends Hosoi, Cab, Hawk, Elguera and Tony Alva speaking about the skate scene and skaters coming out of Brazil, featuring Type-S team riders Pedro Barros, Lincoln Ueda and Sandro Dias …. Check it out!


Bucky Lasek Confirmed / Bowl-A-Rama 2014

“Who’s ready for Bondi @BOWL-A-RAMA 10TH YEAR. Feb. 22 tune in to the live web cast or come say hi if you’re in the Sydney Australia area.” by Bucky Lasek

Bastien Salabanzi: The Lost Part

“It’s hard to imagine footage like this getting “lost”, but things happen. When Ewan Bowman toldĀ us he was working on a never-before-seen part of Bastien we were stoked, but the final product isĀ heavier than we ever could have imagined” Words by Thrasher Magazine

Bastien Salabanzi: The Lost Part

“There’s been a lot of mystery surrounding a full Bastien part that’s never been seen. The rumors are over. It’s real, it’s jaw-droppingly incredible, and we’re premiering it here this Friday.” by Thrasher Magazine