Stylish B/S Tail Slide from Mr.Salabanzi a few years back in Germany

Photo: Kevin Metallier

Pedro Barros at Home

Pedro Barros with a giant FS kick Flip Melon in Florianopolis / RTMF Family

Photo: Heverton Ribeiro –

Rodolfo Ramos at #Dreamland

Gugu tail slide backsideInsta
Rodolfo”Gugu”Ramos – B/S Tail Slide – Vista, CA.

Check in with Bastien Salabanzi

Bastien checks in at P.Rod Skatepark. Filmed and edited by Spanish Mike TV

Vans Amateur Combi Pool 2014 Results


Podium14andunderPhoto: Lorrie Palmos


Photo: Lorrie Palmos

Congrats to Toby Gummenson for taking 2nd (15 and over) and to all skaters and team riders for such an amazing event.

Final Results:

14 an Under:
1. Trey Wood
2. Evan Doherty
3. Asher Bradshaw
4. Kiko Francisco – Type-S
5. Travis Rivera – Type-S
6. Seth Sanders

15 and Over
1. Tristan Rennie
2. Toby Gummeson – Type-S
3. Max Jenson
4. Clay Kreiner – Type-S
5. Griffin Chase
6. Nick Wallace

Full coverage at Blue Tile Obsession


Toby-GumensonToby Gummenson / Photo: Dan Bourqui


Clay Kreiner / Photo: Garret Naka

KikoKiko Francisco / Photo: Garret Naka

Travis-Rivera-540Travis Rivera / Photo: Dan Bourqui

Life on the inside – Clay Kreiner vs The 900

“Every action sports athlete at some point has been asked, “Why? Why do you do it ??” Clay Kreiner answers that very question! He takes us through a three year journey and explains just what it means to persevere when a trick may seem like it has your name. Sit back, relax and enjoy the slams, defeat, friends, happiness, blood, sweat, tears, and sense of accomplishment that is Clay’s 900.” by Woodward Camp