Rodolfo Ramos spotted handling some business

Gugu B-Snoseblunt

Backside Noseblunt by Rodolfo”Gugu”Ramos

Wagner Ramos II Pro Shoe is out now!

Wagner Ramos II Pro Shoe is out now and available in Brazil … Talking about board control?

Check this one out … Nosemanual Nollie Bigspin Switch Nosemanual …?!#%!

Rodolfo Ramos blasting

Raw power with OG Rodolfo “Gugu” Ramos blasting – Stalefish. Photo: Alan Carvalho / Revista CemporcentoSKATE

Wagner Ramos … Trindatime’s

Check out a few tricks with team rider Wagner Ramos (Filmed by Jean Patrick)

Rodolfo Ramos … Can you say “Switch Hurricane”?


“Gugu” Ramos doing a mean …

Switch Hurricane at the Hi Adventure Bowl in Brazil.

Rodolfo Ramos in India

Rodolfo Ramos went to in India last year with some friends to shoot  a documentary to be released in Brazil soon.

Photo: Zen Filmes