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Bucky Lasek and Pedro Barros taking the top spot at the X-Games Barcelona

Type-S team had an amazing week/weekend of skating at the X-Games Barcelona. Congratulation to Bucky and Pedro for the win, also great skating from Mitchie Brusco landing his first 1080 taking 2nd at the Big air event and 3rd in the Vert comp.

Vert Results:
1-Bucky Lasek Type-S
2-Marcelo Bastos
3-Mitchie Brusco Type-S
4-Andy Macdonald
5-Pierre Luc Gagnon
6-Danny Mayer
7-Sandro Dias Type-S
8-Rony Gomes Type-S

Park Results:
1-Pedro Barros Type-S
2-Curren Camples
3-Brad McClain
4-Rune Glifberg
5-Alex Sorgente Type-S
6-Raven Tershy

Big Air/Mega Ramp Results:
1-Bob Burnquist
2-Mitchie Brusco Type-S
3-Eliot Sloan
4-Tom Schaar Type-S
5-Jake Brown
6-Jagger Eaton
7-Edgard Pereira Type-S
8-Italo Penarrubia

Allisports – Dew Tour, Ocean City, MD

Congratulations to Christian Hosoi, Bucky Lasek, Sandro Dias, Pedro Barros and Tom Schaar for making it to the podium at the Pantech Beach Championships/Dew Tour.
Thanks to all Type-S team riders for the awesome weekend – Skateboarding rules!

Bowl – Legend Results:
1-Chris Miller
2-Christina Hosoi Type-S
3-Steve Caballero
4-Lance Mountain
5-Tony Magnusson
6-Pat Ngoho

Vert – Final Results:
1-Pierre Luc Gagnon
2-Bucky Lasek Type-S
3-Sandro Dias Type-S
4-Andy Macdonald
5-Bob Burnquist
6-Mitchie Brusco Type-S
7-Tom Schaar Type-S
8-Rony Gomes Type-S
9-Josh Stafford
10-Alex Perelson

Pro Bowl Results:
1-Pedro Barros Type-S
2-Bucky Lasek Type-S
3-Ben Hatchell
4-Sandro Dias Type-S
5-Tom Schaar Type-S
6-Alex Sorgente Type-S
7-Andy Macdonald
8-Josh Rodrigues Type-S
9-Kalani David Type-S
10-Zach Miller

Mega 2.0 Results:
1-Tom Schaar Type-S
2-Eliot Sloan
3-Bob Burnquist
4-Mitchie Brusco Type-S
5-Pierre Luc Gagnon
6-Adam Taylor Type-S
7-Rony Gomes Type-S
8-Andy Macdonald
9-Jagger Eaton
10-Edgard Pereira”vovo” Type-S

X Games Asia 2012 Results

Congrats to Tom Schaar, Rony Gomes and Mitchie Brusco for making it to the podium at the Asia X-Games / Shanghai, China.

Mini-Mega Ramp Results

1. Tom Schaar Type-S
2. Bob Burnquist
3. Ronaldo Gomes Type-S
4. Andy Macdonald
5. Elliot Sloan
6. Danny Mayer Type-S
7. Mitchell Brusco Type-S
8. Marcelo Bastos
9. Pierre Gagnon
10. Edgard Pereiera Type-S

Vert Results

1. Andy Macdonald
2. Mitchell Brusco Type-S
3. Paul Luc Ronchetti
4. Tom Schaar Type-S
5. Pierre Luc Gagnon
6. Danny Mayer Type-S
7. Ronaldo Gomes Type-S
8. Bob Burnquist
9. Edgard Pereira Type-S
10. Elliot Sloan

Tom’s interview @

Tom Schaar, 12, made history by landing the first-ever 1080 on a skateboard on the Woodward West MegaRamp. With the help of Red Bull, Schaar was able to create a custom build allowing him to roll over the MegaRamp gap in order to maintain speed for the big spin. Pat Parnell catches up with Schaar for some insight for the record books.

Tom Schaar First Ever 1080

First ever 1080 landed by 12-year old team rider Tom Schaar-Congrats kid!