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Dew Tour Ocean City Beach Championship – MD

Type-S well represented in Ocean City, MD. Congrats Bucky and Pedro for another 1st place.
More info:

Vert Final Results:
1 Bucky Lasek Type-S
2 Pierre-Luc Gagnon
3 Sandro Dias Type-S
4 Ronaldo Gomes Type-S
5 Alex Perelson

Pro Bowl Final Results:
1 Pedro Barros Type-S
2 Bucky Lasek Type-S
3 Kalani David
4 Tom Schaar Type-S
5 Kevin Kowalski

Legends Bowl Final Results:
1 Chris Miller
2 Steve Caballero
3 Mike McGill
4 Christian Hosoi Type-S
5 Tony Magnusson
6 Eddie Elguera
7 Duane Peters
8 Lester Kasai Type-S

The Alli Show featuring Pedro Barros

“Pedro Barros, the Brazilian powerhouse, has stuck his claim on the world of transition skating, from vert ramps to cement pools, Barros is nearly unstoppable! He wasn’t always that way, though. As a child Barros skated everything from the trannys to the streets, he also has dedicated a ton of time to surfing and it has clearly paid off. Visit Pedro Barros’ home in Rio Tavares, Brazil, check out the R.T.M.F. compound, see him surf and watch him give back to his community here in his Alli Show!” by

Bucky Lasek / A Legend in the making

“Bucky Lasek grew up on the East Coast in the Free State, Maryland, with big talent and great ambitions. Today Bucky is one of the world’s best professional transition skaters, a professional RallyCar driver but above all a father and husband. With so much going on in his twice over professional life, and personal, Bucky always keeps his cool while pushing his limits.” by allisports

Lincoln Ueda Catching Up on MegaRamp Skating @ Alli Sports

“Lincoln Ueda knows how to get air on anything, especially the MegaRamp. Ueda has been recognized for his abilities on the vert ramp for sometime and when it comes to the MegaRamp he pushes himself just as hard to air higher than the rest. Check in with Lincoln Ueda and hear his thoughts on skating MegaRamp and what not to do in between huge airs in this Catching Up.” by allisports

Best of Mega Ramp Rio 2012 – Congrats to Mitchie Brusco for taking 2nd place!

“Travel to Brazil and recap the skate action that went down at the MegaRamp, or “MegaRampa” as said when in “Brasil”, competition. For the fourth year in a row a MegaRamp has been erected in Brazil to bring the biggest tricks and best high flying skaters to the largest South American country, but unlike previous years where the event was held in Sao Paulo this year the event was moved to the most visited city in the southern hemisphere — Rio de Janeiro. Watch all the skate action from the 2012 MegaRampa competition in this Best Of edit.” by

Final Results:
1-Bob Burnquist
2-Mitchie Brusco Type-S
3-Jake Brown
4-Jagger Eaton
5-Elliot Sloan
6-Lincoln Ueda Type-S
7-Rony Gomes Type-S
8-Trey Wood
9-Alex Sorgente Type-S
10-Adam Taylor Type-S

Bucky Lasek interview – AWSM on

“Todd Richard’s last travel to Dew Tour is nearing an end, but before he left he caught up with Pro Skater/RallyCross Driver Bucky Lasek to talk about what’s it like competing in both the Bowl and Vert events at Dew Tour, while trying to balance his RallyCross career. Also, Bucky gives his take on the young guns coming up in the transitions.”