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Florida Bowlriders Cup – Kona Skatepark

“Florida Bowlriders Cup brings together one-hundred of the worlds top amateur and professional skateboarders. Established in 2007, it is the ultimate in grassroots competition. Pro’s, Masters, Women and Amateurs compete and skate together over a multi-event weekend. Points are accumulated from two different venues, over a three-day span, to crown a champion. Participants may take advantage of the Kona Campgrounds and all the extra’s and side events that happen throughout the weekend. Its an experience of a lifetime for both competitors, spectators and families.” by Kona Skatepark

Friday – Results from Backyard Bowl
1 Buck Smith Type-S
2 Jimmy The Greek Marcus
3 Wrex Cook
4 Jed Fuller
5 Todd Johnson
6 Tony Walsh

1 Dalton Dern
2 Chris Russell
3 Dane Quintal
4 Cason Kirk Type-S
5 Jake Hilbish
6 Packy Francher

Open Am
1 Clay Kreiner Type-S
2 Kaden Campbell
3 Nick Wallace
4 Brennan Campbell
5 Frank Schaffroth
6 Jake Ilardi

Sunday – Results
1 Jimmy Marcus
2 Todd Johnson
3 Buck Smith Type-S
4 Jed Fuller
5 Wrex Cook
6 Donny Griffin

1 Dalton Dern
2 Chris Russell
3 Cason Kirk Type-S
4 Dane Quintal
5 Jake Hilbish
6 Pat Brown

Open Am
1 Kaden Campbell
2 Collin Graham Type-S
3 Juan Pineiro
4 Clay Kreiner Type-S
5 Marshall Lafrance
6 Titus Massinello

Photo Credit: Florida Bowlriders Cup
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2012 Florida Bowl Riders Results

Thanks to Kona Skatepark, Martin Ramos and all team riders for making it happen.
Congratulations to Pedro Barros, Alex Sorgente and Marshall LaFrance for their winning.


1 Pedro Barros Type-S
2 Benji Galloway
3 Dalton Dern
4 Kevin Kowalski
5 Jimmy Marcus
6 Daniel Cuervo
7 Keith Baldassaree Type-S
8 Steven Workman

1 Benji Galloway
2 Dalton Dern
3 Kevin Kowalski
4 Mike Peterson
5 Keith Baldassaree Type-S
6 Pedro Barros Type-S
7 Steve Workman
8 Daniel Cuervo

Open Amateur

1 Marshall LaFrance Type-S
2 Clay Kreiner Type-S
3 Chris Russel
4 Alex Sorgente Type-S
5 Brandon Yarborough
6 Kaden Campbell
7 Cason Kirk Type-S
8 Dane Quintal
9 Collin Graham Type-S
10 Spencer Lau

1 Alex Sorgente Type-S
2 Chris Russel
3 Marshall LaFrance Type-S
4 Kaden Campbell
5 Cason Kirk Type-S
6 Dane Quintal
7 Spencer Lau
8 Aidan Dansay
9 Clay Kreiner Type-S
10 Pat Brown

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Vans Amateur Combi Pool Classic 2012 Results

Alex Sorgente finished in 1st place at the Vans Amateur Combi Pool Classic. He skated good all day long putting together some amazing runs. Congratulations!

15 and under:

1 Alex Soregente Type-S
2 Cory Juneau
3 Tristan Rennie
4 Morgan Wolf
5 Trey Wood
6 Heimana Reynolds
7 Clay Kreiner Type-S
8 Kaden Campbell

16 and over:

1 Austin Poynter
2 Al Brunelle
3 Austin Gordon
4 Cason Kirk Type-S
5 Aidan Dansey
6 Adrian Hernandez
7 Greyson Fletcher
8 Ronnie O’Neal Type-S