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Bucky Lasek Winner of the Vans Pool Party 2013

The Vans Pool Party took place in Orange, CA. Congratulations to Bucky Lasek for winning the pro division, also making it to the podium Pedro Barros taking home 2nd (Pro) and Christian Hosoi 3rd in the masters division. Thanks to all of the Type-S team who killed it at the contest and Vans for putting together such an amazing event.


Pro Final Results:
1st Bucky Lasek Type-S
2nd Pedro Barros Type-S
3rd Rune Glifberg
4th Omar Hassan
5th Tom Schaar Type-S
6th Josh Rodriguez Type-S
7th Andy Macdonald
8th Cory Juneau
9th Austin Poynter
10th Giorgio Zattoni


Masters Final Results:
1st Chris Miller
2nd Steve Caballero
3rd Christian Hosoi Type-S
4th Mike McGill
5th Eddie Elguera
6th Jeff Grosso
7th Nicky Guerrero Type-S
8th Pat Ngoho
9th Duane Peters
10th Rob Sluggo Boyce

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A Day at the Combi with Bucky Lasek shot with GoPro HERO3

“The Combi does not get The Gas Face….This was all filmed in one day just like the old days when a video part was made within a few days of skating. All these tricks and lines are the ones I find the most fun to do so enjoy as i did making it.” by Bucky Lasek

Amateur Vans Combi Pool 2013

Great skating from all the am team riders during the Vans amateur contest at Combi Pool in Orange, CA.

Final Results:

14 & under:
1-Cory Juneau
2-Toby Gummeson Type-S
3-Braden Stelma Type-S
4-Morgan Wolf
5-Kiko Francisco Type-S
6-C J Collins Type-S

15 & over
1-Tristan Rennie
2-Collin Graham Type-S
3-Cory Juneau
4-Clay Kreiner Type-S
5-Justin Rivera Type-S
6-Aidan Dansey

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Collin Graham / Photo by Dan Bourqui

C J Collins / Photo by Dan Bourqui

Kiko / Photo by Dan Bourqui

Justin Rivera / Photo by Dan Bourqui

Toby Gummeson / Photo by dan Bourqui

Another killer video from Pedro Barros

Speed + Style and no music …. Why not? by GardenGrooveFilms

Christian Hosoi Hammerhead Skateboard Setup @

“Christian Hosoi is a legendary skater – inventor of Christ and Rocket Airs – and also the owner of his own board company, Hosoi skateboards. Hear from Hosoi exactly what he rides from the deck, to grab rails and his Independent trucks, which he has been sponsored by for the past 30 years, in this Setup!” by

BUCKY Talks Rally Car + Pro-tec Pool Party | Inside Alli Sports

“Bucky Lasek is in the studio this week to talk business — you know, skateboarding and rally car racing. Bucky loves racing cars as much as he does skating, and he tells us what it’s like for a “skateboarder” to land a spot as one of only three drivers for the Subaru Puma Rallycross Team. Plus, the Pro-Tec Pool Party’s gathering of the greats gets recapped with on-location interviews and clips from the party. Inside Alli Sports takes you inside skate for a recap of the week in the world of skate.” by