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Florida Bowlriders Cup – Kona Skatepark

“Florida Bowlriders Cup brings together one-hundred of the worlds top amateur and professional skateboarders. Established in 2007, it is the ultimate in grassroots competition. Pro’s, Masters, Women and Amateurs compete and skate together over a multi-event weekend. Points are accumulated from two different venues, over a three-day span, to crown a champion. Participants may take advantage of the Kona Campgrounds and all the extra’s and side events that happen throughout the weekend. Its an experience of a lifetime for both competitors, spectators and families.” by Kona Skatepark

Friday – Results from Backyard Bowl
1 Buck Smith Type-S
2 Jimmy The Greek Marcus
3 Wrex Cook
4 Jed Fuller
5 Todd Johnson
6 Tony Walsh

1 Dalton Dern
2 Chris Russell
3 Dane Quintal
4 Cason Kirk Type-S
5 Jake Hilbish
6 Packy Francher

Open Am
1 Clay Kreiner Type-S
2 Kaden Campbell
3 Nick Wallace
4 Brennan Campbell
5 Frank Schaffroth
6 Jake Ilardi

Sunday – Results
1 Jimmy Marcus
2 Todd Johnson
3 Buck Smith Type-S
4 Jed Fuller
5 Wrex Cook
6 Donny Griffin

1 Dalton Dern
2 Chris Russell
3 Cason Kirk Type-S
4 Dane Quintal
5 Jake Hilbish
6 Pat Brown

Open Am
1 Kaden Campbell
2 Collin Graham Type-S
3 Juan Pineiro
4 Clay Kreiner Type-S
5 Marshall Lafrance
6 Titus Massinello

Photo Credit: Florida Bowlriders Cup
More info: Florida Bowlriders Cup/Facebook