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Skateboarder’s Journal Issue #3

Christian and Lincoln will be featured in the new Skateboarder’s JournalHosoiSkateboarder'sJournal

HOSOI: My Life as a Skateboarder Junkie, Inmate, Pastor. Excerpts From The Book.
Introduction by David Hackett – Q&A. with Barb Odanaka
Lincoln Ueda – Words and Photos by Dan Bourqui

Christian Hosoi Hammerhead Skateboard Setup @

“Christian Hosoi is a legendary skater – inventor of Christ and Rocket Airs – and also the owner of his own board company, Hosoi skateboards. Hear from Hosoi exactly what he rides from the deck, to grab rails and his Independent trucks, which he has been sponsored by for the past 30 years, in this Setup!” by

BUCKY Talks Rally Car + Pro-tec Pool Party | Inside Alli Sports

“Bucky Lasek is in the studio this week to talk business — you know, skateboarding and rally car racing. Bucky loves racing cars as much as he does skating, and he tells us what it’s like for a “skateboarder” to land a spot as one of only three drivers for the Subaru Puma Rallycross Team. Plus, the Pro-Tec Pool Party’s gathering of the greats gets recapped with on-location interviews and clips from the party. Inside Alli Sports takes you inside skate for a recap of the week in the world of skate.” by

Juergen Harrworth cover of the Monster Skateboard Magazine

European team rider Juergen Harrworth gets the cover and full interview.

Euro mag. Monster Skateboard # 305.

Pedro Barros The Bowl Rider Phenom From Brazil

Pedro’s interview by