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The Recap Video from Bowl-A-Rama Bondi 2014

Vans BOWL-A-RAMA Bondi 2014 — The Recap Video from Boardworld on Vimeo.

Bowl-A-Rama recap …. check it out!

Bow-A-Rama Bondi Beach, Australia




Another Bowl-A-Rama in the books … Pedro Barros (1st) getting his fifth consecutive victory, edging out Alex Sorgente (2nd). Bucky Lasek (4th) and Josh Rodriguez (8th) were killing it in the finals as well. In the Masters division Nicky Guerrero skated his way to the 3rd spot and Sergie Ventura ended up in 4th place. Congratulations to all of our riders for the incredible level of skating.

Pro Results:
1-Pedro Barros Type-S
2-Alex Sorgente Type-S
3-Felipe Foguinho
4-Bucky Lasek Type-S
5-Sam Beckett
6-Murilo Peres
7-Cory Juneau
8-Joshua Rodriguez Type-S

Masters Result:
1-Tony Hawk
2-Steve Caballero
3-Nicky Guerrero Type-S
4-Sergie Ventura Type-S
5-Brian Patch
6-Adam Luxford
7-Eddie Elguera
8-Pat Ngoho

ABC Australian Bowlriding Championship by TheSkateboardMag

More skating from last weekend event in Newcastle captured by TheSkateboardMag


Pedro Barros wins the Bowl-A-Rama Wellington, NZ


Podium-Wellington20141st Pedro Barros – 2nd Alex Sorgente, – 3rd Murilo Peres  / Bowl-A-Rama – Photo by David Read


1st Brian Patch, 2nd Lester Kasai, 3rd Pat Ngoho / Bowl-A-Rama – Photo by David Read

ROLL IN 2 – BOWL-A-RAMA Wellington 2014 from Frontside Events on Vimeo.

Congratulations to Pedro Barros for taking 1st place over the weekend at the Bowl-A-Rama Wellington, NZ. Also amazing skating from Alex Sorgente(2nd) and Otavio Neto(8th). Good job you guys!

Masters division, congrats to the legend Lester Kasai finishing up in 2nd place and Sergie Ventura for taking home 4th place.

Clash at Clairemont 07

Team riders Bucky Lasek, Sergie Ventura, Christian Hosoi, Mitchie Brusco, Adam Taylor, Mike Owen, Lincoln Ueda and Josh Rodrigues were present doing what they do best to support a great cause.

The History of the Clash at Clairemont
“The Clash at Clairemont began in 2007 as a cooperative effort between Pro Skateboarder Andy Macdonald, the YMCA, Grind for Life and Industry Sponsors like Pacsun and SoBe beverages. The first year’s event unveiled the new Vert Ramp (The 2006 X-games Vert ramp re-constructed on the grounds of the YMCA skatepark). The event, a celebration of the newly acquired ramp and park renovations was an opportunity to create a fundraiser that benefits the Mission Valley/Krause Family Bike and Skatepark and the Grind for Life Cancer charity. The event featuring over 45 of today’s best Action Sports athletes, live music and family fun was a huge success!
In 2008-2012 The Clash at Clairemont II-VI returned with resounding success. With the very best athletes from skateboarding and BMX along with terrific musical acts and industry sponsor support a classic annual event was born. Media attention and attendance skyrocketed and now the Clash at Clairemont has cemented it’s first class reputation as a terrific family oriented celebration of Action Sports and charitable cause!
In 2013 The Clash at Clairemont 7 will feature the Sonic Generations of Skate presented by Sonic Lost World! This unique team competition format celebrates three generations of half-pipe skateboarding over the past decades. Each Team consists of one 40-something skater (first generation), One 30-something skater (second generation) and one 20- something or younger skater (third generation) competing against the other teams with the same mix!”

Red Bull Skate Generation 2013 / Florianopolis, Brazil

Congratulations to Pedro Barros, Christian Hosoi, Eduardo Braz and Vi Kakinho for winning the event.

Final Results:

Winners – Team 1
Pedro Barros (Pro) Type-S
Christian Hosoi (Legend) Type-S
Duzinho Braz (Master)
Vi Kakinho (am)

2nd place – Team 2
Felipe Caltabiano – “Foguinho” (Pro)
Eddie Elguera “El Gato” (Legend)
Léo Kakinho (Master)
Fábio Junqueira Reis (am)

3rd place – Team 3
Sandro Dias (Pro) Type-S
Steve Alba (Legend)
Marco Cruz (Master)
Tristan Rennie (am)

4th Place – Team 5
Omar Hassan (Pro)
Luiz Roberto “Formiga” (Legend)
Miguel Zafari – “Catarina” (Master)
Augusto Akio Santos – “Japinha” (am)

5th place – Team 6
Joshua Rodrigues – “J-Rod” (Pro) Type-S
Marco Aurélio “Jeff” (Legend)
Maurício Hebe – “Chinelinho” (Master)
Alan Resende dos Santos (am)

6th place – Team 4
Murilo Peres (Pro)
James Ruiz – “Bigo” (Legend)
Sergie Ventura (Master) Type-S
Caiqu Silva (am)