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Rodolfo Ramos at the right moment

Rodoffo Ramos  at the right time, right moment, right place through the lens of photographer Brian Fick.

Rodolfo Ramos in India

Rodolfo Ramos went to in India last year with some friends to shoot  a documentary to be released in Brazil soon.

Photo: Zen Filmes

Rodolfo Ramos with style

GuguB/s noseblunt slide by “Gugu” (photo:Pablo Vaz)

Wagner Ramos with Vibe Shoes

“Chill Out” with Wagner Ramos by Vibe Shoes

Bastien Salabanzi: The Lost Part

“It’s hard to imagine footage like this getting “lost”, but things happen. When Ewan Bowman told us he was working on a never-before-seen part of Bastien we were stoked, but the final product is heavier than we ever could have imagined” Words by Thrasher Magazine

Bastien Salabanzi: The Lost Part

“There’s been a lot of mystery surrounding a full Bastien part that’s never been seen. The rumors are over. It’s real, it’s jaw-droppingly incredible, and we’re premiering it here this Friday.” by Thrasher Magazine