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Rony Gomes Overall Winner


Congratulations to Rony Gomes for taking 1st place at the last stop of the Circuito Banco do Brasil held in Sao Paulo, also great skating from Edgard “Vovo” Pereira bringing home 2nd place.

Bucky Lasek / Blue Tile Obsession


Great article from Blue Tile Obsesion on Bucky Lasek

Mitchie Brusco with some Mini-Mega Action

“Don’t Sleep on the Vert Guy” by

Almost Skateboards


Congratulations to Bucky Lasek ! Gold Medal at X-Games in Foz do Iguaçu, Brazil

Bucky Lasek wins his 5th skateboard vert gold medal at X Games Foz do Iguacu, also great skating from Sandro Dias taking home the silver medal, congrats to all skaters for such an amazing event.

Final Results:
1-Bucky Lasek Type-S
2-Sandro Dias Type-S
3-Marcelo Bastos
4-Andy Macdonald
5-Danny Mayer
6-Tom Schaar Type-S
7-Pierre-Luc Gagnon
8-Bob Burnquist

Pedro Barros Wins the WCS Maresia Vert Jam / Rio de Janeiro – Brazil

Congrats to Pedro Barros for taking 1st at the Maresia Vert Jam. Rony Gomes and Mitchie Brusco did a great job as well making it to the podium. Thanks to all of our riders for skating and representing over the weekend.

1 Pedro Barros Type-S
2 Rony Gomes Type-S
3 Mitchie Brusco Type-S
4 Bob Burnquist
5 Jono Schwan Type-S
6 Marcelo Bastos
7 Jimmie Wilkins
8 Macdonald
9 Sandro Dias Type-S
10 Raul Roger

Bucky’s new trick? What?

No Comply? No Handed Boneless? Click here to find out!