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All terrain team rider Heimana Reynolds

Check out this video from Hawaiian team rider Heimana Reynolds.

Charlie Blair Killing it!

“Charlie Blair rips the Mini Ramp at Woodward” by ColinClarkFilms

Pedro Barros Charging the Mega Ramp

Pedro Barros having some fun and charging the mega ramp – G-Shock commercial

Tom’s interview @

Tom Schaar, 12, made history by landing the first-ever 1080 on a skateboard on the Woodward West MegaRamp. With the help of Red Bull, Schaar was able to create a custom build allowing him to roll over the MegaRamp gap in order to maintain speed for the big spin. Pat Parnell catches up with Schaar for some insight for the record books.

Tom Schaar First Ever 1080

First ever 1080 landed by 12-year old team rider Tom Schaar-Congrats kid!